Bonnell spring


Bonell springs - The most well known system of springs units in the bedding industry. Their biconical feature provides a progressive resistance to the supported forces. The interior space supplies a permanent recirculation of air. Bonell block dimensions may vary upon request . Frame locantion can be TOP/BOTTOM/BOTH -upper / lower frame position . 



Bonell spring height (from -to)
100–160 mm
Helical wire diam
1,3-1,4 mm
Number of convolutions
4 - 5 strands
Wire diam
2,2-2,4 mm
Waist diam
82-92 mm

Bonell spring blocks are rolled (shape : compressed spring) and stacked on Euro – Epal certified pallets.

Delivery terms –EXW or DAP- upon request/agreement.




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