Pocket Spring Mattresses

Pocket spring mattresses contain pre-stressed springs inserted into individual non-woven pockets and then clipped among one another or glued on top, middle or bottom. It is the point-by-point elasticity that distinguishes itself from others. The greater number of springs allows more flexibility so that the mattress can better mould to the body shape.

We produce 1,5 or 7 zone blocks . We can supply a range of combinations for this spring unit .

Frame location can be – TOP /MID/TOP-BOTTOM .

Technical details you will able to find in the table below:




POCKET springs
ECO POCKET springs
POCKET zoned (zone
quantity upon request)
ECO POCKET zoned (zone
quantity upon request)
(Eco)pocket spring height (from-to)
55 - 200 mm
Number of convolutions
4 – 6,5 strands
Wire diam
1,2 - 2,5
Waist diam
55-75 mm

(Eco) Pocket spring blocks are rolled (shape : compressed spring) and stacked on Euro – Epal certified pallets.

Delivery terms –EXW or DAP- upon request/agreement.



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